Our Programs

Middle School Program

The journey includes many different opportunities to experience and discuss authentic manhood.  Some of the opportunities available are to attend chalk talks, guest speakers, participating in community service projects, peer mentoring events, honorable competition, and rite of passage trips.  We have continuous discussions of the meaning for each characteristic of S.I.R. (significance, integrity, and relationships).

High School Program

By creating a fellowship of liked minded young men we can grow into “A” man together.  The High School Program contains the follow aspects: Weekly Building Men Sessions, Men of Strength Club, Dinner / Seminars and Workshops, Community Service Projects, College / Vocational visit, and Career Building/Leadership Workshops.

Sports Camp Program

To provide rising 6th, 7th, and 8th grade boys an opportunity to participate in a program to enhance the complete student-athlete.  The institute engages the boys in the following areas; academics, character building, physical training, sports and leadership.  The program is for four weeks over the course of the summer.  We teach the boys and provide them an experience to become a complete athlete.

Community Crew Program

The Community Crew is a group of High School Building Men students that participate in monthly community service projects around Central New York.  The mission is to give back to the community that provides so much for our boys.

Special Events

The Building Men Program will provide different opportunities for growth I the program for Building Men middle and high school students.  Our hope is to expand each young men’s definition of manhood and their role in our community.  These events are designed to further develop a fellowship of young men that will work together on the journey to manhood.

What we do at Building Men:

  • Group Mentoring
  • Community Service
  • Leadership Skills
  • Guest Speakers
  • Field Trips
  • College Visits
  • Rite of Passage Trips


What we create with the boys:

  • Brotherhood
  • Joy of Learning
  • Growth & Development


The result is the boys know:

  • They belong
  • Have what it takes
  • They can be a complete man