Middle School Program

The journey includes many different opportunities to experience and discuss authentic manhood.  Some of the opportunities available are to attend chalk talks, guest speakers, participating in community service projects, peer mentoring events, honorable competition, and rite of passage trips.  We have continuous discussions of the meaning for each characteristic of S.I.R. (significance, integrity, and relationships).

Additional Information

We teach how to set goals, create career/passion maps, and many social emotional skills needed to be successful in today’s society.  We strive to teach the importance of valuing and building positive relationships.  Have a continuous discussion of the meaning for each word of SIR (significance, integrity, and relationships) and identify men that are considered good examples of a SIR.

Building Men Programs will encompass six parts that will provide a journey into young manhood.  Each school can meet their own needs by designing each aspect to meet the needs and culture of the individual school:


  • Chalk Talk: There are two parts of the Chalk Talk: the PowerPoint presentation of the topic of the week and guest speakers.  The PowerPoint presentations include quotes, video clips, discussion prompts and reflective writing.   Guest speakers (successful members of our community) will talk with our boys about becoming “A” man, developing the ideas of positive significance, integrity and valuing and building relationships.
  • Progress Reports:  Progress reports will be done by all participant several times over the course of the season to teach them how to monitor the player’s academics and behavior.  The progress reports are used to teach goals setting and increase academic achievement.
  • Honorable Competition: The boys will be coached by staff members through physical activities to challenge each young boy physically, mentally, and emotionally.  Competition provides many opportunities and demonstrations of character for discussion and reflection.
  • Pre and Post- Activity Conference:  All boys must attend a pre and post-game (activity) conference to talk about sportsmanship, winning humbly, losing graciously, and what activity/competition has taught us about becoming “A” man.
  • Community Service Projects:  Projects are offered during the season provide the boys with an opportunity to learn about the importance of giving back to the community.  We are teaching the boys through experience about the importance of working for others.
  • Rite of Passage Ceremony:  All boys who successfully complete the season (90% attendance) will have an opportunity to demonstrate skills and knowledge learned about becoming “A” man by participating in a day long ceremony geared at crossing over from boyhood into being a young man.