Sports Camp Program

To provide 6th, 7th, and 8th grade boys an opportunity to continue their journey in Building Men over the course of the summer. The Summer Institute Sports Camp engages the boys in the following areas: academics, character building, physical fitness, and sports. The program is the length of SCSD summer school.

Additional Information

Academics: The boys will participate in a Building Men, ELA, & Math class designed for a great academic program in the morning.  The program is designed to give a project-based learning experience that will support the student’s educational experience.  Our young men work together to support each other in the classroom.  We will have a daily book break to encourage reading, work on goal setting, and daily task organization to help the young man navigate this busy time in their life.


Physical Fitness:  We will be instructing the boys on general health and physical conditioning.  The boys can challenge themselves in the BMP Combine.

Character: The boys will experience Character Building Talks that will be comprised of Chalk Talks, guest speakers, and “A” man class. We will speak to the young men about what it takes to become “A” man, and how to develop the idea of positive significance and integrity while valuing and building relationships.

Sports: The sports camp will conclude the day for the boys.  It will consist of different guest coaches presenting sports topics and drills, followed by league play.

    To sign up please visit your home school and speak to your Building Men staff or the Main Office.