High School Program

By creating a fellowship of liked minded young men, we can grow into “A” man together. The High School Program contains the follow aspects: Building Men Leadership Sessions, Men of Strength Club, MBK Mentoring, Career Building course and S.I.R. University.

Additional Information

Building Men Leadership

Description: The Building Men Program in the high school is primarily focused on increasing leadership skills and discussing manhood.  The weekly meetings of Building Men Leadership will help the young men be prepared for leadership opportunities in their school and community.  We strive to create a safe space for discussions about any aspect of manhood and the high school journey.


My Brother’s Keeper Mentoring Program

Description: The My Brother’s Keeper Mentoring Program is a group mentoring program in additional support and resources to help our young Black and Brown men in the district.  Each young man will have a mentor that will be in contact weekly.  The contact will help the young man stay on track academically and provide the resources and skills needed to be successful.  There will be a monthly meeting with all the young men in the My Brother’s Keeper brotherhood.



Description: The MOST Club is the premiere primary violence prevention program for young men in the country.  This program is designed for male youth seeking to become peer leaders in promoting nonviolence, healthy relationships, justice, and gender equality.


Career Building Course

Description: The Career Building Course is offered an opportunity to learn the soft skills, college, and career readiness skills to be prepared for the job market or heading to college.  We will discuss communication skills, leadership skills, career pathways, and financial literacy.


S.I.R. University

S.I.R. University is a personal development course to provide the young men with a foundation and direction for their future success.  There are seven different modules using quotes, videos, and activities to engage the young men in learning.  Starting by discussion the boys worth and personal core values, we move to help them establish a vision and explore their purpose.  We conclude the course with modules of goal setting and habits, choices, and decisions.


To sign up please visit your home school and speak to your Building Men staff or the Main Office.