Leadership Series Program

The Building Men Program will hold a leadership conference for Building Men middle and high school students and men in our community.  The boys will come together to discover their purpose and passions. The young men will create a strategic plan for future success.  The Leadership camp is for high school students.

Additional Information

Middle School Leadership Conference – The boys will come together to discover their purpose and passions through a presentation by Coach D, Darrell Andrews.  Darrell Andrews Enterprises and Associates is a global leader in corporate, workforce development and education motivation and strategic systems.  Led by internationally acclaimed speaker and strategist Darrell “Coach D” Andrews,-our company has been invited to provide motivation and innovation-based think-tanks, strategic planning, speeches, and training

High School Leadership Conference – The young men will create a strategic plan for future success.  After completing four sessions, the boys will meet in workshop setting to create their strategic plan for success.  Each young man will leave the conference with a strategic plan and instructions to engage a dream team of three people to keep them accountable in reaching their goals.  The Leadership Conference will conclude with a session on healthy masculinity and a motivational speaker to engage the boy’s heart into the process.

MOST Club celebration – The culminating activity for the different MOST Clubs in the Syracuse City School District.  The middle and high school clubs will come together to share Public Service announcements; discuss the potential ways in which we can take a stand.  Let every young man realize that they are part of a larger community of young men that are living the life a healthy masculinity.

Senior Dinner – An evening to honor and send off our seniors to the next level.  The evening consist of reading letters of encouragement, signing the Building Men Podium, presentation of the pen to write their next story and a celebration meal.

Leadership Camping – The Building Men students that have shown leadership spend three days together to improve their leadership skills to guide the Building Men Program in the upcoming new school year.  The camping trip will include cooperative activities, problem-solving initiatives, meal preparation and clean up, leadership dialogue, night hikes, self-reflection and goal setting.  The trip is designed and staff by the Building Men Program staff with help from Team Adventure.